Editing and Mixing

I can edit and mix your recordings using a combination of analog and digital gear (see equipment list here).

My goal is to deliver the sound that you ask, then I need you to be clear with me  while explaining your target sound and to follow this simple guidelines:

  • Tracks sent in Lossless format (WAV, AIFF, etc)
  • if you’re a Live band – detailed recording session sheets with pictures of the sessions, mic placement and every document available to understand the pre-production plan (best would be getting in touch with the recording engineer directly)
  • if you’re a Producer – Ableton/Logic Pro/Pro Tools project well organised with every channel labelled (with comments on the single tracks if possible directly inside the DAW) or the exported tracks and production’s plans
  • NO dynamics or equalisation (unless you used them for creative purposes)

For any other question please get in touch!