Bjork Digital – an overview to VR technology based on Bjork’s work

Why did I write “an overview to VR technology based on Bjork’s work” on the title?
Because it’s an exhibition based on Bjork’s work and creativity, not on the technology.
It’s a great experience for who has never tried any kind of virtual reality headset. It shows the power of multimedia immersion into another world. I really advice it to any of you that haver never tried any VR set to go to this exhibition, it’s fun and interesting!

For my technical point of view, it could have been done better. Probably because most of this work has been done one or two years ago, the actual overall technical quality wasn’t that great.
Visual-wise, you could see lots of stitches.
Audio-wise most of the headsets were using the Samsung VR set using the smartphone, so the audio rendering wasn’t that great.

Said this, I think this shows that VR is getting closer to the mass audience, and as Mark Zuckerberg said during his speech in Roma the past September:

“VR headset will replace all the screen we have, making multimedia closer and more immersive”