@polygoninsta put together one of the most incredible arenas I've been to at @wonderfruitfestival ! Incredibly advanced #SpatialAudio by @lathebestsound #LisaSuch a pleasure to be the #Max8 programmer for the artists' spatialisation interface!@c74connect #ImmersiveAudio #ImmersiveMusic #SpatialMusic

Today I visited the Applied Psychoacoustic Lab at University of Huddersfield.That's my dimension, surrounded by like-minded #SpatialAudio experts and lots of loudsoeakers! Thanks @hklworld2 for this opportunity, or was great fun!#3DAudio #ImmersiveStorytelling@genelec_oy

@wildscreenorg was mind blowing! I learnt so much about wildlife in general, behaviour, ethics and met old and new friends! Wildlife and conservation are something I feel really attached to, and I'll do my best to show all the good and bad things that happen in the world, using my main tool, #SpatialAudioI'm full of energy now, working on some cool projects and my very first own one. I'm so excited and positive about what's going to happen!#ImmersiveAudio #Conservation #Wildlife #Positivity

@futureofstorytelling went pretty damn well!!! Met few inspiring storytellers and professionals from the field, took inspiration from various projects and had just a great time!Again a round of applause to the whole team behind the making of the #TheJourney360 , and the super @igloovision team which is always super nice to share time and sweat with. Looking forward to the next one!#Axellent #ImmersiveStorytelling #InteractiveAudio #SpatialAudio #FoST2018 #FoST