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Axel is a freelancer specialised in Spatial Audio capturing, immersive sound design and post-production for 360 Videos, Virtual Reality environments, and loudspeakers sound installations.
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For this project, Axel provided the full immersive design and production,  HMD and bespoke loudspeaker system with a 360-degree cylinder screen mix included.

The Journey has been screened at:

Sheffield Doc Fest
Read about #TheJourney360  in this article‘Diversity, Immersion and the Rise of Short-Form Content: A Report from the 2018 Sheffield Doc/Fest’ 

Downing Street
An audience of leading politicians and sports people with the aim to ensure the UK doesn’t reduce its commitment to international aid

Seattle International Film Festival 2018
‘I Went to the SIFF VR Zone’  Another mention for this project in this article about the festival

SXSW 2018
(Austin, Texas)
Click here to read about ‘The Journey’
Read about it in this article Despite some glitches, VR cinema takes a leap forward at SXSW 2018′



Inside the cylinder – Global Festival of Action
United Nations HQ
(Bonn, Germany)



Virtual Reality Zone (United Nations HQ, Bonn)
Click here to see the film list.

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The Slide

360 VR experience for The View from The Shard

| Sound Design, Foley, Mixing for 1.618 digital |

Experience heights of up to 800ft on the city’s answer to helter-skelter, the latest addition to the VR experiences at the view from the Shard.  The experience provides a truly immersive multi-sensory slide, skirting around a ‘virtual’ Shard whilst set in a breathtaking 360° view of London, 69 floors up.  Participants are invited to sit on a custom built slide that mimics the VR content, to make the perfect immersive experience.

Presentation and demo of Eridanus
at ‘Sounds in Space 2017’

Axel presented ‘Eridanus: a practical use of Spatial Audio for entertaining, audio-only storytelling’ at Sounds in Space 2017, immersive audio Symposium at the University of Derby.

Below the video of the presentation.

Storytelling using Advanced 3D Audio Technologies

Eridanus, the 3D Audio Movie

| Concept Creator, Spatial Audio Production and Engineer, 
Loudspeaker System Design and Management |

A story told solely using 3D Sound, with the audience placed in the middle of a totally dark room surrounded by a 21.4 loudspeaker array.



Spatial Audio for 360-degree video

| Spatial Audio Mixing Engineer for Visualise |

Spatial Audio mixing for YouTube’s 360-degree video for Waitrose’s campaing.


Sound Recording, Design and Mixing for Picture

| Location sound Recording|

HOOPS AFRICA: UBUNTU MATTERS is a collection of stories that celebrate the past, present, and future of basketball in Africa, spotlighting the sport’s impact on society and its development on the continent.

Premiered on NBA TV. Available soon.


Mahogany Sessions
| Location recording, Mixing and Mastering |

Working with major labels such as Warner Bros, Sony, Universal, Columbia etc.