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Presentation and demo of Eridanus at ‘Sounds in Space 2017’

Axel presented ‘Eridanus: a practical use of Spatial Audio for entertaining, audio-only storytelling’ at Sounds in Space 2017, immersive audio Symposium at the University of Derby.

Below the video of the presentation.

Storytelling using Advanced 3D Sound Technologies

Eridanus, the 3D Audio Movie

| Concept Creator, Spatial Audio Production and Engineer, 
Loudspeaker System Design and Management |

A story told solely using 3D Sound, with the audience placed in the middle of a totally dark room surrounded by a 21.4 loudspeaker array.


3D Sound for 360-degree video

Visualise x Waitrose
| Spatial Audio Mixing Engineer |

3D Audio mixing for YouTube’s 360-degree video.

Music and Sound for Picture Production

Mahogany Sessions
| Location recording, Mixing and Mastering |

Working with major labels such as Sony, Universal, Columbia etc.