@polygoninsta put together one of the most incredible arenas I've been to at @wonderfruitfestival ! Incredibly advanced #SpatialAudio by @lathebestsound #LisaSuch a pleasure to be the #Max8 programmer for the artists' spatialisation interface!@c74connect #ImmersiveAudio #ImmersiveMusic #SpatialMusic

Today I visited the Applied Psychoacoustic Lab at University of Huddersfield.That's my dimension, surrounded by like-minded #SpatialAudio experts and lots of loudsoeakers! Thanks @hklworld2 for this opportunity, or was great fun!#3DAudio #ImmersiveStorytelling@genelec_oy

@wildscreenorg was mind blowing! I learnt so much about wildlife in general, behaviour, ethics and met old and new friends! Wildlife and conservation are something I feel really attached to, and I'll do my best to show all the good and bad things that happen in the world, using my main tool, #SpatialAudioI'm full of energy now, working on some cool projects and my very first own one. I'm so excited and positive about what's going to happen!#ImmersiveAudio #Conservation #Wildlife #Positivity

@futureofstorytelling went pretty damn well!!! Met few inspiring storytellers and professionals from the field, took inspiration from various projects and had just a great time!Again a round of applause to the whole team behind the making of the #TheJourney360 , and the super @igloovision team which is always super nice to share time and sweat with. Looking forward to the next one!#Axellent #ImmersiveStorytelling #InteractiveAudio #SpatialAudio #FoST2018 #FoST

In July I spent a week at @unipr.it, precisely at the #HouseOfSound, playing with their insane #WaveFieldSynthesis 189-loudspeakers array.The cool thing is that this rare system, mostly used in academic environment for research purposes, is one of the only available to the public!So if you're in Parma stop by there and listen to some amazing demos!#ImmersiveAudio #ImmersiveStorytelling #3DAudio #ImmersiveDesigner