Recording dawn chorus and various other ambiences in Toulon (South of France). Waking up at 3am, walking in the middle of the forest on your own, find a spot, getting in the sleeping bag and listening to the forest waking up. This is life!#SoundRecordist #3DSound #Wildlife #WildlifeEurope #FieldRecording #Ambisonics #ReynoldsMicrophones #SpatialAudio


In March we had the pleasure to show 'The Journey' at the @sdgaction 's 'Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development' in a cylinder-shaped screen provided by the great @igloovision and I provided a 20.4 loudspeaker system, with the support by @kef_audio with their super E305 systems! Great times, finally able to show how immersive video + sound together. It was a blast! So looking forward to showing more this setup around. Soon… :) btw, object-based mixing is amazing, told you that already! Will post a case study soon. #ImmersiveAudio #ImmersiveStorytelling #SpatialAudio #360VideoDirector @cmikkelborg Cinematography @ignacioferrando360 360 Post Javier MorenoOriginal score by @marcocaricola Animation by Jonny Lawrence


It's our last day at #SXSW screening #The Journey! we had such an amazing time here in Austin! Come find us and our Ethiopian hut (JW Marriot building, Level 4 Salon 5)@cmikkelborg @abacodigital @ignacioferrando360 @marcocaricola #ImmersiveStorytelling #spatialaudio #3DAudio


Come and visit us, from tomorrow, at the JW Marriott building in Austin for the 'The Journey’s' world premiere, at @sxsw! We're screening it at the 'Virtual Cinema', Level 4 Salon 5!#SXSW2018 #ImmersiveStorytelling #360documentary #3DAudio #spatialaudio


All the people I’ve been talk to in the last 6 months or so know that I’ve been working on an amazing immersive project. I met so many amazing people, travelled to Africa, heard things I’ve never heard before. Well, this project, ‘The Journey’, a 360 documentary written and directed by Charlotte Mikkelborg from Picture This Production, is part of the #SXSW2018 LINE UP!! One of the most important independent film festivals in US, and worldwide.Being part of this team was one of the best experiences of my life so far. I do hope this immersive story will be as impactful as it has been for me, and making people and friends think about how difficult life for someone is, and how much can be done to improve it.Thank you @charlottewindlemikkelborg for bringing me on board, it has been a pleasure working with you, @ignacioferrando360, Javier Moreno and my man @marcocaricola, who composed some amazing Spatial music! High five to everybody!!! @sxsw #SXSW2018 #SXSW #ImmersiveAudio #VirtualCinema #ImmersiveStorytelling #ImmersiveExperience #VR #360Video #SpatialAudio #3DAudio