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Directors, producers, sound peeps, friends often ask me what I do, how I do it and what I need to do my job to create the best work. Below I am going to answer some basic questions, but if you need to know more about anything, just drop me an email!

Axel, what is Spatial Audio?

Spatial Audio/3D Audio/Immersive Audio, you can easily hear and find these terms around. I like to define Spatial Audio with this quote

“Spatial Audio (3D Audio) is the field that comprehends all the psychological and technological approaches that aim at the creation and reproduction of sonically immersive content.”

Sorry Axel, can you explain a bit more about it?

I believe watching a video is more fun and less boring than just reading. I gave a talk in January 2018 that I believe explains all the basics of Spatial Audio, and the work I do. Plus giving advice on how to capture good Spatial Audio. Here is the Youtube Link.

I suppose you just do Spatial Audio post-production only, right?

Not really, I do follow the entire process, from Spatial recording, editing, sound design/foley, to Spatial mixing and final delivery. What I do is involving other peeps in the process to make sure to deliver the best work possible, for whatever platform requested. For example, I have to cite my colleague and friend Marco Caricola, amazing music composer that often helps me out by making beautiful spatial music compositions.

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