Immersive Audio Full-Production

Immersive Audio is a new and exciting field, and with it, a lot of issues are related to the actual sound creation, workflows, and delivery formats. As I am both a content creator and an engineer, my knowledge and practice are always up to date, by being in touch with the most internationally renown universities and academies that work with 3D Audio.

This is a list of services that I can provide, note that as this is a growing field and the most exciting part is to work against new challenges, making something difficult or impossible to do, possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!


A phone call is better I believe, we can talk and be clear from the beginning. Hearing how much enthusiasm there is for working together is important! +44(0)7460223640

FaceTime/Skype? The best solution if we can’t meet in person.