Eridanus, the 3D Audio Movie

‘Eridanus, the 3D Audio Movie’ is a project that wants to explore how #SpatialAudio #3DAudio can be used for #Storytelling.

The recent development of #Immersive experiences from creative people and companies make me feel really positive and enthusiast about it.

Spatial Audio for #VR, linear, non-linear, is so great and it could be used a lot more for producing immersive experiences. The general focus on the vision sense tends to set aside sound.

Then, how can only sound create an immersive experience? My latest project is based on this idea. Using Spatial Sound to tell a story.

‘A band of human test subjects, taken to an alien city in the centre of the earth must work together, in order to escape. They must navigate an underground kingdom and negotiate a series of obstacles, whilst being stalked by a deranged alien- who’s determined to destroy them before they can escape.’ – Eridanus, by Kristoffer Bübeck

This sci-fi thriller has been purposefully written for this project, and its format tailored for this type of narrative.


To recreate a ‘cinematic’ experience, different from a sonic art installation or 360-degree film to watch with a VR headset, the audience (four people) is placed in the middle of a totally dark room, surrounded by a 21.4 custom loudspeaker array. In this way, Spatial Audio advanced technologies have been used and extensively explored in details. Various techniques have been acquired, applicable back to Sound for VR, and any other sound production process, from music to film.


The project has been sponsored by KEF Audio, which they provided four ‘KEF 305’ 5.1 systems, great speakers and subwoofers that sound amazing!!

This project shows how powerful sound is for storytelling, and how it can be applied to create immersive experiences!


Everything has been recorded or designed for spatial audio purposes, using standard synthesis tools and Sound Particles. Concepts such as spatial cognitive maps and sound shapes researched and then applied.

Being able to mix a story based only on sound, and making the audience have fun and follow it all the way through, was, since the beginning, the most important aspect of this project. And it looks like it works!

Here are some first reactions from previous listeners.

It is still possible to listen to Eridanus! Listening sessions are available until Sunday 14th of May at the studio, based in Kilburn (London). Feel free to get in touch via email at or by filling up the contact form on

Special thanks to this project go to Kristoffer Bübeck for writing and directing; Jack Oclee-Brown from KEF for believing in the project and sponsoring it; Leonid Gribanov for helping with EVERYTHING, from building the system to sound recording and design, Noam Temkin, Liam Flannigan and Victor Ricci for helping with sound recording and design; master Max MPS Niccolo Granieri; and my girlfriend Geraldine for supporting and helping me since the beginning!

And all the other people that helped to develop this project!

Academic paper of the project available here for download.

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