A Walk From The Deep To The Outside – Blue Cavern (Trieste, Italy)



I am exploring any kind of immersive sound, in this case I wanted to record myself walking from the deep of a cavern in Trieste (Italy) and slowly walking to the outside of it.

I recorded it with “binaural” ear-microphones and a Zoom H1. These microphones aim to record the sound filtered from the shape of your head, giving you then an immersive experience.

Example of ear microphone

Unfortunately to be more realistic the sound field should stay fixed and the listener should be able to move his/her head freely in the space. This is a limitation of binaural recording (but I am working on fully immersive sounds, you can listen to them here).

Listen to the reverb that changes, I was specifically kicking rocks to make some noise around me.

LISTEN TO IT WITH HEADPHONES (even with the crappiest Apple Earbuds)