In March we had the pleasure to show 'The Journey' at the @sdgaction 's 'Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development' in a cylinder-shaped screen provided by the great @igloovision and I provided a 20.4 loudspeaker system, with the support by @kef_audio with their super E305 systems! Great times, finally able to show how immersive video + sound together. It was a blast! So looking forward to showing more this setup around. Soon… :) btw, object-based mixing is amazing, told you that already! Will post a case study soon. #ImmersiveAudio #ImmersiveStorytelling #SpatialAudio #360VideoDirector @cmikkelborg Cinematography @ignacioferrando360 360 Post Javier MorenoOriginal score by @marcocaricola Animation by Jonny Lawrence