Creative “Ableton Live and Logic Pro X” 1-to-1 lessons for Musicians and Producers!

Would your band like to integrate an instrument (eg drums and/or bass) to the set but you’re missing this member?
Would you like to play your tunes, but you feel limited when mixing them with Traktor?

I am here to teach you how to use Logic Pro X to create your own sounds and Ableton Live for the live performance, combined together with your gear as creative instrument you’re gonna be able to complete your set and make it an unique element.

I’m an Audio Engineer and DJ. Mixing and playing Dj and Live Sets from more then 10 years based on electronic music and now mixing mainly Future Beats/Experimental Beats/HipHop.
I’m actually studying Audio and Music Production at SAE Institute London (and I absolutelt LOVE IT).

I can teach
– solo Musicians that need a “band” behing them
– Bands that are missing one/few member and they have to integrate it to their live
– Producers to play their own tracks in a nicer and more creative way instead of DJing track-to-track
– Music producers that need a quick and easy tool to create what they have in mind as quick as possible without thinking too much about the engineering side of the production process

– entry level full introduction
– advanced level
– personalised and planned 1-to-1 lessons

– Logic Pro X and Ableton Live introduction and its features
– Audio Editing
– Mixing
– External Gear configuration and tricks
– General Tips/Tricks
– Advanced use of Logic Pro X and Ableton Live to make the most out of these two together.

My goal is to teach you what you need based on your request and what you need without wasting time and going off-topic! I will be able to answer your questions and teach you how to avoid mistakes with my 10-years experience.

Get in touch for more informations/availability/prices (reasonably modest)