The New Alternative – Krisha Bejal


  • Sound Design
  • Stereo Mixing

The New Alternative

In a world where our genetics could freely be manipulated, will we be able to resist altering our physical abilities? Will necessity or vanity be the ruling power? The fascination of how we can redefine and reshape the future generation who use sensitive and interactive technology is my key influence.Charles Darwin’s theory is entering a new phase of Human evolution.Now we have a direct choice about how we want our species to further evolve. Our children’s generation could very well be the last generation of PURE humans.

The new Alternatives-stop searching for the absolute ‘true’ self as it has been replaced by a constant scanning of new alternatives…

Krisha Bejal -Footwear designer
Drop Films- Production & post production
Scarlet Burton- Makeup Artist
Axel Drioli- Sound Designer
Emme Hayward- Professional Dancer
Jessica Craft- Professional Dancer & Model



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